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♥❀ʕ◕-◕ʔ❀♥ south korea

i love you, brand new.

tired of everything. i want to sleep forever.

aw wow lana del rey is booked for a festival i’m going to this summer! this is fantastic news!!! ♥♥❀ʕ◕-◕ʔ❀♥♥

asobi seksus music is just lovely

30 rock > everything

my boyfriend is going back home tomorrow

sad and sad.

just realized that jay jay pistolet is the singer of the vaccines. my mind is blown.

house of leaves is the best book since the bible.

"but these days fantasies flourish and die like summer flies"

working on an animation-thingy for a schoolproject. i’m supposed to have my character ready for tomorrow but it started looking like slenderman and now i’m too scared to continue drawing WAY TO GO, ME

fantastic news, tumblrs: 1Q84 pt 3 finally came out in norwegian AND my boyfriend is visiting for a week while my parents are away. 

QI is hilarious

lost in translation is the most beautiful movie ever